Triple A Academy


Triple A Academy (Upper School) Distinctives: 7th - 10th Grade

(plans for 11th-12th grades are forthcoming):

  • Art Instruction in Grades 7-10
  • Music Instruction Grades 7-10
  • Choir 7-10
  • Leadership Academy Grades 7-10 (required)
  • Broadcast Journalism  featuring ifocusNews broadcast for Grades 7-10
  • Bound for College:  College Road Trip 7-10
  • Distinctive College Preparatory Uniforms
  • Computer Instruction
  • SMART Boards in Every Classroom
  • Block A/B Schedule for Increased Time on Task
  • iPad for Every 7th -10th Grade Student

Triple A Academy is a high school division/campus of FOCUS Academies that provides academic and athletic development for the student that desires to participate in collegiate sports; junior college, NAIA or NCAA Divisions I, II, and III. Academics, Attitude and Athletics are the FOCUS of the curriculum provided to each student. Academically, the curriculum offered is based upon the continuum of developing skills provided at FOCUS Learning Academy.

Enrollment at FOCUS Learning Academy is not a prerequisite to admission to Triple A Academy as students who have not attended FOCUS Learning Academy will receive the same services of any new enrollee that include academic assessments and evaluation to determine the best possible learning environment for each specific student. In addition, all Triple A students are provided with programming to improve their attitude, academic support, athletic training and development to ensure their best possible preparedness for participating in collegiate sports after graduation from Triple A Academy. The student athlete is provided with information to prepare for eligibility with the NCAA Clearinghouse in conjunction with eligibility for academic college admissions.

Classroom curriculum will include:

  • Media Interview Techniques
  • Time Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Team Orientation
  • Mentoring
  • Financial Budgeting
  • Community Service Projects
  • Life Skills Lessons that will assist with the rigors of maintaining eligibility at the collegiate level

Seminars will be offered to provide parents with additional information to prepare for recruiting and eligibility guidelines.

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